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RemedyBio today announces a new collaborative research project with the Thoracic Oncology Research Group (TORG) at the Trinity St James Cancer Institute (TSJCI) to identify novel predictive biomarkers for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

The outputs from this partnership are intended to lay the foundations for next generation diagnostic and prognostic products that could fundamentally change the provision of cancer care.

We are excited to collaborate closely with the talented Trinity & St James’ thoracic team. Despite recent breakthrough advances in the treatment of lung cancer, a huge unmet medical need remains in terms of early detection, minimally invasive monitoring for cancer recurrence and improved precision of patient stratification. This requires us to look at how new and established tools can be best integrated to benefit patients so that they can receive the best medicines for them at the right time. RemedyBio’s transformative immune discovery platform, Nanoreactor™, will establish an immune profile for each patient allowing a profound understanding of the interaction between immune, disease, and therapeutic effects. 

Dr Colm Galligan, Chief Medical Officer, RemedyBio

We are delighted to collaborate with RemedyBio to advance our translational thoracic oncology research programme at the TSJCI. The immune profiling of lung tumours, using the innovative Nanoreactor™, represents a promising approach to improve patient stratification and increase the clinical efficacy of cancer immunotherapy. The group is excited to work with RemedyBio on multiple integrated and truly innovative projects with the potential for near term patient benefit and clinical impact.

Dr Kathy Gately & Prof Stephen Finn, Trinity College Dublin/ St James’ Hospital

We are grateful to Enterprise Ireland for supporting this project through its Innovation Partnership Programme