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RemedyBio is delighted to announce the success of the HEALED Consortium in securing DTIF support of €6.8M as part of a 3-year, €10.5M programme to develop new cell therapies for cancer. The consortium is comprised of RemedyBio as programme lead, aCGT Vector DAC, Trinity College Dublin & St James’s Hospital, and the NUIG’s Genomics Data Science Centre, bringing together deep capabilities in mass-scale functional biology, GMP clinical deployment, clinical and tumour microenvironment expertise in cancer, and molecular data analytics to create a world first in near-patient, personalised, functional cancer therapeutics. Our goal is to enable a new kind of revolutionary immunotherapy to cure incurable cancers.  The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) is managed and funded through the Department of Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) in Ireland.