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Strengthening target and drug discovery expertise with the addition of Dr Christopher Miller

Dublin, Ireland, September 8, 2022 – RemedyBio, a biotech company pioneering its proprietary ultra-high throughput single cell Nanoreactor™ Technology integrated in its Searchlight Discovery Platform for discovery and development of novel immuno-therapies for solid cancers, today announces the addition of Dr Christopher Miller to its Scientific Advisory Board, bringing industry experienced target and discovery expertise to the team.
Dr. Miller has spent 25-years in pharmaceutical R&D, playing leadership roles in genomics at Genetic Institute, Wyeth (pre-Pfizer acquisition), Bristol Myers Squibb, AbbVie and GlaxoSmithKline, most recently as Vice President and Global Head of Functional Genomics at GSK. His teams have delivered high quality, decision-enabling omics and multi-omics data sets, and advanced numerous targets into Disease Area pipelines.
He has significantly collaborated with leading academic research teams and has been an effective thought-leader and champion for genomics and genetics-driven target and drug discovery. He is deeply knowledgeable about exploratory biology, target hunting, target validation and translational research in multiple disease areas, and he has worked extensively in developing and applying technologies to assess gene and protein function in the most highly translational model systems.
Before moving into industry, Chris received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Michigan State University, and post-doctoral training in Molecular Endocrinology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
Dan Crowley, CEO at Remedy Biologics, welcomed the Dr Miller to the team: “Building on the scientific and translational experience in oncology and immuno-therapies already in our SAB, Chris will bring key expertise in the target and discovery area. As we move our discovery pipeline and consortium projects forward, this expertise will be key in helping to choose new effective precision therapies to for the treatment of cancer.”
“Being able to see how millions of individual immune cells work and act within disease biology, allows RemedyBio to functionally identify new ways to use the immune system against complex and challenging cancers. With Nanoreactor™ integrated into our Searchlight Discovery Platform, we are discovering new insights and treatments in immune oncology”, said Dan Crowley.

About RemedyBio

RemedyBio is a Dublin based biotech company discovering and developing new, patient-derived precision and process therapeutics for immuno-oncology and immune disease, by combining the power of ultra-scale single cell analysis and viable recovery in its Nanoreactor™ Technology.
The complex biology of the human immune system holds the power to cure major diseases including cancer and immune disease. By integrated the technology into its Searchlight Discovery Platform, Remedy unlocks this complexity, by identifying the therapeutic function of each and every cell, and their interactions in disease situations. With the ability to make the invisible visible in the immune system, RemedyBio is driving a new era in precision therapies, collaborating with leading pharma, biotech and research institutions to deliver safer, more effective and longer lasting treatments to people living with cancer and other major diseases.