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  • EU Programme funded under Horizon Europe
  • Developing a ground-breaking inhaled gene therapy for lung cancer
  • Funding of €12.8m for the programme and consortium members

Dublin, Ireland, December 6, 2022 – RemedyBio, a Dublin based biotech company, inspired by functional biology for the discovery and development of new immune therapies using the power of its Nanoreactor Technology for the analysis of individual cells and cell interactions, is delighted to announce their participation in INSPIRE, a €12.8 million lung cancer program. In one of the largest ever grants for preclinical research in lung cancer, RemedyBio will collaborate with programme leader, OmniSpirant and other European partners spanning across biotechnology, medical devices, cancer research, academia and patient advocacy.
With the successful award of the grant by Horizon Europe, the INSPIRE consortium are already actively working on the program deliverables, and recently met in Galway, Ireland for the official kick off meeting. As well as OmniSpirant and RemedyBio, the consortium partners include Aerogen Limited (Ireland), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), EVerZom (France), Biopharma Excellence (Pharmalex) (Germany), Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum  (DKFZ) (Germany) and Lung Cancer Europe (LuCE) (Switzerland).
Over the next 3 years, the INSPIRE programme aims to make an important and tangible impact on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Mission on Cancer. The consortium partners will work to develop a novel, effective and affordable lung cancer treatment via the development of a transformative new lower cost gene therapy. This project will place Europe as a leader in the fight against lung cancer and in the development of treatments for other debilitating lung diseases.
RemedyBio’s key role in the programme will be based on using RemedyBio’s proprietary Nanoreactor technology to investigate functional cell to cell interactions between the tumour and the gene therapy, building understanding of the efficacy of the new therapy.
“We are delighted to be part of the INSPIRE consortium in order to develop new and more effective therapies that impact patients lives”, said Dan Crowley, CEO of Remedy Bio. “Our Nanoreactor technology and understanding of cell to cell interaction with help to drive insight and direction with our consortium partners in developing new RNA based therapeutics for lung cancer.”
About RemedyBio
RemedyBio is a Dublin based biotech company discovering and developing new, patient-derived precision and process therapeutics for immuno-oncology, by combining the power of ultra-scale single cell analysis and viable recovery in its Nanoreactor™ platform.
The complex biology of the human immune system holds the power to cure major diseases including cancer. RemedyBio’s Nanoreactor platform unlocks this complexity, by identifying the therapeutic function of each and every cell, and their interactions in disease situations. With the ability to make the invisible visible in the immune system, RemedyBio is driving a new era in precision therapies, collaborating with leading pharma, biotech and research institutions to deliver safer, more effective and longer lasting treatments to people living with cancer.