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  • Primary tissue material to be supplied by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • RemedyBio and Yale researchers to collaborate on identification and retrieval of anti-tumour T cells

Dublin, Ireland, October 10, 2022 – RemedyBio, a discovery and development biotech company combining the power of ultra-scale single cell analysis and viable recovery in its Nanoreactor™ platform, announces an agreement to explore novel tumour infiltrating lymphocyte therapies against genitourinary cancers with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston) and Yale Cancer Center (New Haven).
This collaboration builds off of the work of David Braun, MD, PhD, (Yale), Sabina Signoretti, MD, (BWH) and Toni Choueiri MD, (Dana-Farber) defining the immunobiology of kidney cancer.
The focus of this research collaboration will be genitourinary cancers,  in particular patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Initial bioselection and live cell recovery from tumour tissue will be performed on RemedyBio’s Nanoreactor™ platform, combining millions of parallel single cell analyses to rapidly identify and retrieve activated immune cells. This includes activated tumour-derived T-cells that can be used for patients with cancer as a personalised cell therapy.
“We are very pleased to be working with Dr. Braun and his colleagues at Yale Cancer Center on this novel project,” said Dr. Colm Galligan, Chief Medical Officer of RemedyBio. “Identifying and retrieving TILS that are active within the tumour and the tumour environment will allow us to better develop effective patient-focused therapies for genitourinary and other cancers.”
“Working with Dr. Galligan and the RemedyBio team will give us additional insight into patient TILs and the impact they have on kidney cancer,” said Dr David Braun, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology), Goodman and Gilman Yale Scholar, and a member of the Center of Molecular and Cellular Oncology (CMCO) at Yale Cancer Center. “By choosing functional TILS, we believe that better efficacy can be achieved and look forward to quickly advancing this research phase to move into the clinic.”
The Nanoreactor platform has been developed by RemedyBio, following a decade-long R&D programme led by Dr. Paul Leonard, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder. The platform has created a step-change in the speed, scale and quality of single cell analysis and discovery, paving the way for powerful new therapies. Its high-throughput identification and retrieval capabilities open fresh insights into immune system interactions – driving a new era in precision medicine against cancer.
About RemedyBio
RemedyBio is a Dublin based biotech company discovering and developing new, patient-derived precision and process therapeutics for immuno-oncology, by combining the power of ultra-scale single cell analysis and viable recovery in its Nanoreactor™ platform.
The complex biology of the human immune system holds the power to cure major diseases including cancer. RemedyBio’s Nanoreactor platform unlocks this complexity, by identifying the therapeutic function of each and every cell, and their interactions in disease situations. With the ability to make the invisible visible in the immune system, RemedyBio is driving a new era in precision therapies, collaborating with leading pharma, biotech and research institutions to deliver safer, more effective and longer lasting treatments to people living with cancer.